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 Due to the current recession the magazine publishing has been suspended.....but we will be back.


Watch This Space!!


“BRIT CHOPPER”….I bet you think all you’ll find in here are British bikes!......... Wrong.

The title actually refers to a strange breed of gentlemen living on this Island who, upon seeing any form of mechanical propulsion, have an uncontrollable urge to “Chop” it. It’s as much about the man as the machine!

This is grass-roots journalism. The original idea for this magazine was discussed in my little workshop at the side of my house.

All subsequent meetings have been held in cluttered sheds or garages. We have no plush “Head Office”.

The head office is, quite naturally, a shed.

We are not journalists in suits; we have oil under our fingernails and dirt up to our elbows, because we are all “Builders”. We all have “Day Jobs” and you’d be amazed at what we do for a living.

You’ll find more than bikes in here. If it goes “Chuff, Bang or Whirr” it will appear. Bikes, Trikes, Hotrods, Dragsters, steam engines…..nothing is too sacred to go under the hacksaw, for we are the original Petrol Heads.

We have gathered together a team of expert chop fanatics, and they will be available to answer any technical problems you have in words you can actually understand (I’ll also be cracking the whip to get some good articles out of them).

The bikes featured here-in won’t contain just pretty pictures and a spec sheet. You’ll be able to read of the builder’s struggles, frustrations, blood sweat and tears during construction.

We won’t be featuring cheque-book-heroes. Whatever appears in here will have been mostly home-built. Don’t expect page after page of immaculate Harleys.

But there will be the odd one, as some are too well engineered to ignore.

When I mentioned earlier, “A strange breed of Gentlemen living on this Island”, what I should have said, was “Planet”, because we have correspondents in most of Europe, the USA and even Thailand.

Expect some very unusual stories.